What is the purpose of MobileXpression?

The goal of MobileXpression is to develop a better understanding of the trends and patterns affecting the mobile Internet. Just as television uses ratings to determine which programs are the highest rated and most watched, MobileXpression uses the knowledge of its members' mobile Internet habits to determine the popularity and importance of various mobile web sites and applications. Companies can then use this market research to make informed decisions regarding their mobile marketing strategies. 

Who can join MobileXpression?

All participants in MobileXpression must be at least 18 years of age and capable of entering into a binding agreement. You must also own or control a mobile phone or device that is compatible with the MobileXpression software and you must be able to access the Internet from your mobile device. Check mobile device capatibility here.

I only access the Internet from my mobile device occasionally. Can I still participate?

Yes. It's important that all types of users participate in MobileXpression. If you are able to access the Internet from your device, you are eligible to join and receive member benefits. 

I checked my eligibility for MobileXpression and it says that my device is not currently compatible. When will I be able to participate?

We are continually working to add more types of phones and tablets to our list of compatible devices. If you checked "yes" to receive notification when your device is compatible, we will contact you as soon as you are eligible to participate. 

Why do you need my demographic information?

All of our reports are aggregated across many participating mobile consumers. We collect basic demographic information, like age, gender, education level, etc., so that we can describe the type of people who have different preferences and opinions about mobile communications without revealing any personally identifiable information. We also use this demographic information in our statistical projections for all mobile users.

Does your software monitor my phone calls?

No, our research software does not monitor your phone calls, nor does it record the phone numbers that you call or that call your phone. We never record or monitor your private conversations or voice mail messages.   

What does your research software do?

MobileXpression records and collects information about participants' mobile data usage via an app, or if you're using an iPhone or iPad, through a VPN connection. This may include messaging services, mobile web browsing activity, usage and titles of downloaded applications and files as well as usage of cameras, video streaming and other utilities on the mobile device. The software may also collect information regarding the web pages you view, the links you access, and usage times for certain device activities (e.g., text messaging, call lengths, and web browsing).

Maintaining our panel members' privacy is our number one priority. Therefore, we do not collect or view the text or other personal content in any of our panel members files. This includes the actual content of text, email or instant messages, image files either downloaded or captured via the camera on a phone, or contact, address book or calendar entries saved on the phone or tablet computer.   

How much space or memory does your software require?

The memory requirement for the phone will vary depending on the phone model and version of the software. Generally, however, it requires less than 100KB of memory to store the research software and 128KB to store the collected data before it is encrypted and securely sent to the MobileXpression servers. For iPhone and iPad users, the memory requirements are minimal for the configuration file and related VPN modules. 

Will the MobileXpression software affect my device's performance?

For RIM, Android, and Windows Mobile users, the MobileXpression software should have no impact on the phone's performance. For iPhone and iPad users, there may be a very small delay when connecting to the Internet as the VPN connects. However, the Internet speed will not be affected. Additionally, some applications, such as the HBO Go and Cinemax Go, are incompatible with VPN settings and thus will not be compatible with the MobileXpression software.

Why do I have to install software on my mobile device?

MobileXpression has developed proprietary research software that is easy to install on your mobile device. By installing our research software on your phone or tablet computer, you can participate without any inconvenience, making the collection of mobile consumer preferences both highly accurate and fast. This allows your opinions to be heard quickly by today's mobile services decision makers.

How long do I have to participate?

Participation in MobileXpression’s community is voluntary. Should you ever decide to stop participating, you may do so at any time. Simply follow our uninstall instructions to cancel your participation. 

Will participating in MobileXpression cost me anything?

If you are registering for MobileXpression on a mobile phone, you will receive a confirmation text message. You should consult your services provider to learn if you are charged for text messages. Downloading the MobileXpression software and any subsequent software upgrades incur the same charges you would incur for visiting a web site on your mobile device. Unlimited data plans typically do not incur costs to download our software and surf the internet. Pay-as-you-go data plans may incur costs to download our software or when our software sends your data back to us. Your services provider can confirm your data plan and any expenses that may be incurred.

Why did the VPN icon on my iPhone/iPad appear after I installed the MobileXpression profile?

In order to participate in MobileXpression, iPhone and iPad users are asked to download a configuration file which allows your web traffic to route through the MobileXpression servers so that we can accurately collect your mobile web data. This configuration file utilizes the VPN settings on your iPhone/iPad.   

The MobileXpression VPN profile and email account are installed on my device. Why didn’t I earn my incentive?

In order to be eligible for incentives from MobileXpression, the MobileXpression VPN must be allowed to connect with MobileXpression. For some operating systems, that means that the email account must be set to check-in on a regular basis. To adjust your settings to allow your MobileXpression email account to check-in every 15 minutes follow these instructions:
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
  • Tap on “Fetch New Data”
  • Change your Fetch setting to “Every 15 Minutes”

Why do I have a MobileXpression email account now?

The MobileXpression email account is a part of the software download package for iPhones and iPads. The email account is there to provide you with a better way to stay in touch with MobileXpression and also make sure our software works correctly. It must be set to check-in with MobileXpression every 15 minutes to ensure your continued eligibility for our Weekly Winners Sweepstakes. We will send notifications about our weekly sweepstakes and other periodic communications to this account.

How do I adjust my settings to allow my MobileXpression email account to check-in every 15 minutes?
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
  • Tap on “Fetch New Data”
  • Change your Fetch setting to “Every 15 Minutes”

How can I use my MobileXpression email account?

Your new MobileXpression email account only allows for direct communication to and from the MobileXpression team . This email account serves as an easy and convenient way for you to receive important information about your account, updates about new rewards and incentives, and reminders to enter our Sweepstakes. You won’t have to worry about searching for MobileXpression communications in your other inboxes. You can also send any questions or concerns directly to our Member Support Team and receive a quick response.

I deleted my MobileXpression email account. How do I get a new one?

For certain operating systems, when you delete the MobileXpression email account, you will no longer be considered an active member. In order to return to being an active member and qualify for the many MobileXpression rewards, you will need to reinstall the software. Simply go to the Member’s section and click on My Devices. Once the reinstallation is complete, your MobileXpression e-mail will be restored.

How do I stop the weekly email reminders?

If you would like to stop weekly email reminders, simply go to the Members section of the website and click on “Change your Preferences”. There you have the option to opt-out of weekly email reminders.

I registered on the site, but I still haven't received the text message. How long will it take for it to arrive?

Some carriers deliver messages faster than others. If you haven't received the text message after a few hours, please go back to the site and login to the Members section. Go to My Devices and select "I need to re-install the MobileXpression software on my current mobile phone or device", select your phone, and then click Next. You will receive a new text message and confirmation code, if needed, for sign-up.

How do I know if the software is installed?

For Android users: When you successfully install the software on your phone or mobile device you will see a MobileXpression icon on your phone screen. You will also receive an email letting you know the download is complete.

For iPhone and iPad users: The MobileXpression software installs a VPN profile on your device. You can find this profile by going to “Settings” then "General" and you will find MobileXpression listed under "Profile."

When I login to my MobileXpression account, my status shows as inactive. I have not removed the software, why is my status inactive?

You will see a status of inactive if we have not received data from your mobile phone in at least the last 10 days. If you have not had your device turned on or have been outside of coverage during that time, that would result in a status of inactive.

For Android users: If you believe that the MobileXpression software is still installed on your phone and you have not changed phone numbers, you may try the following procedure, which will soft reset your mobile device:

Step 1: Open Battery Cover

Step 2: Remove Battery

Step 3: Wait 5 - 10 Seconds

Step 4: Replace Battery and Battery Cover

Step 5: Power up the Device.

If, after doing this, your status still shows as inactive, you may need to reinstall the software. Simply login to your MobileXpression account and click on "My Phones." Choose "I need to re-install the MobileXpression software on my current mobile phone"" and select the correct phone in step 2. You will receive a new text message directing you to the download site on your phone.

For iPhone and iPad users: Please ensure your VPN setting turned on and set to "Connect on Demand." You can do this by following these steps:

  • Go to "Settings" then "General"
  • Select "Network" and then "VPN"
  • Confirm that your VPN setting is set to "On"
  • From there, select "MobileXpression" under "Choose a configuration"
  • Confirm that "Connect on Demand" is set to "On"

If your settings are correct but your status still shows as inactive, please contact MobileXpression Member Support.

What if my information, including my email address, changes?

If you have installed our software and completed the registration process successfully, you can visit MobileXpression's member section and click on "Modify my Profile" to make changes to your demographic information. At any time you can also alert us to any changes to your personal information by emailing us using our support form.

What if I get a new device?

If you replace your existing phone or tablet computer or get an additional device that you would like to add to your account, you can update your information by logging into your MobileXpression account on your computer and clicking on "My Devices." There you can update information about your current phone or tablet computer, add new devices, or remove devices from your account. 

How do I re-install the software on my phone or tablet computer?

Simply login to your MobileXpression account and click on "My Devices." Choose "I need to re-install the MobileXpression software on my current mobile device" and select the correct device in step 2. You will receive a new text message or email directing you to the download site on your phone or tablet computer.

How do I uninstall MobileXpression?

Please click here to view the uninstall instructions for your device type. 

What if I have questions, comments and/or problems?

If you have any questions, comments or problems of any kind, including technical issues you feel are related to MobileXpression please notify us:

Privacy Issues, e-mail privacy@mobilexpression.com

Technical Problems, click here for our support form

MobileXpression’s commitment to quality customer service is a top priority. MobileXpression will make every commercially viable effort to respond to your questions or comments within the same business day. If a personalized response to a detailed question is needed, MobileXpression will strive to respond to your questions or comments within two business days.

MobileXpression will not be able to respond to your questions without a valid e-mail address. We will not use your e-mail address for any other purpose other than responding to your question.